Partnerships – March 1st, 2018

One of the most important philosophies for Algarithm as well as personally has been building mutually beneficial partnerships. Today, in our global world, especially as an SME, trying to go it alone, be compeititve and have all the resources you require to be successful seems near impossible.

Algarithm is fortunate to be a spin-off of POS, and the relationship with and birth from is really what made Algarithm a possibility. For three plus decades POS has been working in the algal industry, from the original nutritional lipid companies, through the tremendous biofuel boom, and back into the higher value ingredients – POS has been a central point for all things “algae”. That network and experience made the notion of creating Algarithm possible. But with everything we had seen, we still were not sure how we could stand out.

For a long time when Udaya, I and the POS team first conceived of what we originally called Algae Co., we knew that in such a crowded marketplace we would have to find a way to be different. Eventually, we were able to recall this unique company who mentioned us in a 2014 (original article here) article. In that article Virun CEO Philip Bromley said when companies send him fishy oils, he recommends they go see POS. Philip and Virun brought some unique technologies that allowed Algarithm to extend the applications we could work in and also offered a different approach to marketing that helped Algarithm stand out (see the Pink Mansion from SSW 2017 here).

Combined, POS and Virun helped make the Algarithm that exists today possible. They helped our team realize that what Algarithm is best at, is making exceptional tasting plant based omega 3 ingredients that can go into a wide range of applications in higher than normal doses, to deliver needed nutrition, in consumer friendly formats. No fishy taste or burps ever! Watch for an announcement on our Oxidative Fingerprint™ technology – out soon!

Algarithm is certainly not limited to these two partnerships, and we greatly appreciate everyone who has helped us grow Algarithm thus far! And the many more who will help us in the future.

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Commitment – February 1st, 2018

In 2017 after the launch of Algarithm I decided that I would make a significant dietary and lifestyle decision – I chose to become a vegetarian. Truthfully, it had a commercial element to it, I felt it was critical that my lifestyle be aligned with the brand that we were trying to build. I believe it was important to “walk the talk,” and as we grow the business it will be important for those who work for the company to believe in the message and mission as well – albeit not everyone is going to be a vegetarian or vegan.

It is an important point to note that my decision didn’t only have commercial reasoning and it actually wasn’t a tough decision to align my personal dietary regime with the Algarithm brand. 2016 was designated the International Year of the Pulse by the UN, and in that year I was increasingly introduced to pulses and their health benefits, through my work at POS Bio-Sciences. I began to consciously exchange pulses for beef in sauces and other meals (tacos & quesadillas mostly!). As I read more about the health benefits for my family and the impact industrial livestock agriculture has on the planet that my daughters will inherit, I felt it was a small step I could take to contribute.

From past experiences (quitting smoking after 10 years – aligning with the birth of my first daughter) I also like many people, need a project or motivating factor to get me to take that leap when engaging something new and challenging. For me Algarithm was the opportunity to align my brain and will to do something that I believe is better for me and better for our planet – albeit a very small effort.