Algarithm is an algae ingredient company

Algarithm provides high quality, value-added ingredients to our industry partners. Our omega 3 oils, powders and emulsions facilitate the inclusion of plant (algae) based ingredients in a wide range of food, beverage and supplement applications. We offer versatility, stability and superior taste at a competitive price. While our standard algal DHA oil can be widely found in infant formula, pre-natal and dietary supplement applications, Algarithm’s focus is not on traditional markets. We are looking to develop new and improved delivery formats that combat pill fatigue, whether that be in improved and novel dietary supplements, such as our emulsions, or heat stable powders that can be included in everything from pancakes to vegan burgers to ice cream. We want to make it easy and enjoyable for everyone to get their omega 3s!


To make it simple for everyone to consume plant based Omega 3.


To use an innovative version of a market-established nutritional lipid (containing 40% DHA) to create a platform of new, plant-based omega 3 ingredients and triple the market for such products in five years.


Udaya Wanasundara
Ben Kelly
Victor Das


Algarithm could not be the company it is today, nor continue to become the company we hope to be tomorrow, without the support of our partners.